About The Band

Mercy Drive is an American hard rock band originally based out of Central Florida, best known for writing and performing entrance themes for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestlers, most notably Maven Huffman (“Tattoo”) and Randy Orton (“Burn In My Light”).  Their captivating stage presence, “big” rock drums and guitars, along with each melodic, hook-laden chorus’ drives them further down the road of success.


Mercy Drive originates from the Orlando based band Big Mother Thruster, whose momentum increased as they played the Florida circuit, gaining recognition through supporting other acts including Drowning Pool, Virgos, Skrape, Adema, Buckcherry, Kid Rock, Staind and more.

In 2001, Big Mother Thruster gained bigger exposure through working with WWE (then World Wrestling Federation) and MTV. Four of their songs were used on Tough Enough, a reality show produced by WWE which aired on MTV. The soundtrack to the series went on to sell over 150,000 copies with included the song “Dogtooth Violet” by Big Mother Thruster. WWE would also enlist the help of the band to produce a song for the series’ eventual winner, Maven Huffman. Maven went on to use “Tattoo” as his entrance theme for the entirety of his WWE career (2001–2005).

After parting ways with several members of Big Mother Thruster, the band reorganized with new music and ‘Mercy Drive’ was born. Jimmy McGlothlin (vocals/guitar), Jake Beard (guitar), and Corey Lane (drums) recorded at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta with producer Rick Beato (Shinedown, Vince Neil, Flickerstick, Working Title, Dark New Day, Crossfade) to put together an “in-your-face” blend of Modern Rock that complemented the band’s dynamic live performances.  Signed to Maverick Records in 2002, and shelved 2 years later with no official material to ever hit the market under the Maverick label. Their self-titled debut record was available exclusively through the band’s official website.

The WWE come calling again….when Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2004, Mercy Drive’s song “Away” was used in a promotional video showcasing Orton’s accomplishments from his debut to his World Championship victory. Following Orton’s departure from Evolution that same year, Mercy Drive was tapped to write and record a new entrance theme song for him titled, ”Burn in My Light”.  In addition to Orton’s theme when entering the ring, Burn In My Light was The track was included on WWE’s Wreckless Intent, released in 2006 which has sold over 250,000 copies and was used in  WWE’s Smackdown vs. Raw the video game.

For about a year, Mercy Drive, a well-oiled rock machine, primed and ready for what lies ahead, shared the stage with large and small acts such as American Hi-Fi, Soil, Seven Mary Three, Disturbed, Adema, Skrape, Buckcherry, Systematic, Drowning Pool, Stereomud, Staind and Jane’s Addiction in support of their debut record.

By 2005, several songs have been recorded as demos for their second record, However, around 2006, the band and it’s official website had disappeared, leading many fans to question the status of the band and the record.


Finally back in the studio after a much needed break, the guys of Mercy Drive couldn’t be more excited to have some new music hit your ears soon!

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